Vehicle Details:

Kind of like how a nurse checks your temperature and weight before you see the Doctor, we check the mileage and model of your vehicle before we inspect it. More specifically, we check:

  • Dealer Name & Dealer License
  • Invoice Value
  • Title
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Pilar VIN
  • Roof Body
  • Roof Paint
  • Interior Color
  • Exterior Color
  • Stock #
  • Safety
  • Safety Summary Notes
  • Previous Paint/Body Chassis Repair or Alteration
  • Quality Of Previous Repairs
  • Un-repaired Damage
  • Chassis Inspection Frame Welds
  • Chassis Inspection Unibody Repair
  • Chassis Inspection Frame Machine Pinch Marks

Rear Body:

Trunk Lid/Tail Gate Body

Trunk Lid/Tail Gate Paint

Body Panel & Trunk Floor

Rear Bumper Body

Rear Bumper Paint

Right Side Body:

Right Front Rail

Right Front Fender Body

Right Front Fender Paint

Fright Front Door Body

Right Front Door Paint

Right B Pillar

Right Rocker Panel

Right Rear Door Body

Right Rear Door Pain

Right Rear Quarter Panel Body

Right Rear Quarter Panel Paint

Right Rear Rail

Front Body:

Hood Body

Hood Paint

Engine Bay

Radiator Core Support

Front Bumper Body

Front Bumper Paint

Leave It To PAI

At this point, my fingers got tired of typing. You get the point. Our inspections are VERY thorough. Not only do we inspect all this, but we also include 40+ pictures with every inspection report.

We believe vehicle inspections should tell you EVERYTHING. A non-thorough vehicle inspection makes about as much sense as a non-thorough background check. It doesn’t!

Leave it to us to conduct top-to-bottom vehicle inspections you can trust!

Checkout a Sample Inspection Form Here!