What do we do?
APAI offers premium pre-purchase vehicle inspection services to both consumers and high-volume clients. Our top-to-bottom thorough inspections ensure the safety of your purchase for a convenient price.
How does the process work?
AThe process works by either you dropping your vehicle off or us conveniently coming to your location. We then perform our thorough vehicle inspection (see sample inspection form here) and document every part of the process with photographs. Afterwords, we give you the inspection results, along with photographs, CD copy of the report, AutoCheck report, and even a full Mitchell’s estimate of any repair work performed.
Why us?
ABetween our thorough inspection process, flexible scheduling, services that come to you anywhere in the state, multi-vehicle package discounts, our inspectors having 25 years of experience each, and the fact we have a good sense of humor, there’s no shortage of reasons why to choose us.
What all does your inspection include?
ANearly everything you can think of. Whether it’s the smell of the interior or the thickness of your paint, we inspect it. Checkout our Inspection Form Here.

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